HMCTN Glycerin Extract

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HMCTN (herbalmectin) is a powerful, natural alternative to Ivermectin. Designed to get rid of parasites, HMCTN is also packed with natural amounts of zinc and provides great respiratory support.


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Cold and flu season can seem never-ending these days, but this formula has you covered. It contains an exclusive blend of herbs that help to fight off viruses, keeping your immune system healthy and strong. This formula will help support your body’s natural immune and detoxification responses to help you get through all kinds of illnesses.

HMCTN (herbalmectin) is a formula created by Jordan Gundersen when he “caught the bug” and was running out of herbs to try to get better. You can read about his experience here.

The herbs in this formula have historically been used to help eliminate parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and to support the lungs in the body. The ingredients include: Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves, Chaparral, Burdock, Lobelia, and Goldenseal.


This formula is most effective when used at the onset of symptoms. When you feel something coming on, take 1-2 droppers 3x per day for an adult. For a child, use 10-15 drops 3x per day.

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3 reviews for HMCTN Glycerin Extract

  1. Karen Turner (Verified)

    I love this product!

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  2. Jessica (Verified)

    I can’t say enough about the HMCTN. It has totally changed my life. I have been struggling for months going to several doctors. My MIL suggested I try this and it has changed everything! I’m finally getting my energy back and can get out of bed. Thank you Jordan!!

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  3. Tawna Ridd (Verified)

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