About Us

About Health Saves

We are currently fighting a war on our health. Everywhere we turn, there are toxins and poisons – in our food, in the air, in our water, and in our medicine. When our bodies (the temples of God) are in a state of toxic overload, it is hard to hear the voice of God, let alone do much of anything else (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). 

Health Saves is a response to this problem. Health Saves is a faith-based Private Membership Association centered around the idea that choosing health can save your life, both physically and spiritually. When we make healthy choices, we aid the body in its natural function of moving toward a state of wellness. Because God created our bodies from the dust of the ground (Genesis 3:19), the materials necessary to keep our bodies well are also found in the ground. These materials come to us in the form of herbs, nutritional and medicinal (Ezekiel 47:12). God is the greatest chemist, therefore, we need not refine or isolate any compound found in any herb (medicinal or nutritional). Rather, we seek to use the foods that God provided in their wholesome state as an act of faith in God’s omnipotence and omniscience. 

We seek to provide education, products, and services to our members to help them take care of their health in the way that God intended. 

Our Founders

Jordan Gundersen, MH

Jordan graduated as a Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing after shattering a toe and contracting meningitis in the same summer. Jordan felt that God was pushing him to learn the art of herbalism so that he could help his family and others. He is also an Amazon best-selling author.

Cassidy Gundersen, PhD

Health Saves | Cassidy Gundersen, PhD

Cassidy obtained her PhD in health and nutrition after she eliminated her Crohn’s disease – something her doctors said couldn’t be done – with faith, herbs, and food. Cassidy has helped thousands around the world change their diet and lifestyle habits to more natural and healthy ones. She is the best selling author of Curing Crohn’s.

Our Core Beliefs


Faith, Herbs, and Food

Most of the health issues we face can be solved with faith, herbs, and food – individually or together.


Health is a journey

Each one of us is on a different road to health. Some of us are able to move faster than others and that's ok. None of us should move faster than we have strength.


Nothing is Impossible

When it comes to health, where there is faith and a desire, there is a way. We just need to put in the effort to figure it out.