The Complete Nutrition Course

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About the Course

Introducing the Complete Nutrition Course! 

When I began to transition my diet and lifestyle to a healthier one, I had no idea where to start! After discovering the principles of a plant-based diet that worked so well, I decided to create the program I wish I had to help others.

Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. In fact, eating the right kinds of foods will not only help you feel great, but it can help you save money as well.

Improved Health = Improved Life

By taking time to improve your health, you will see that all other aspects of your life begin to improve. You will find yourself feeling better, worrying less about sickness, more focused, and with more time to do the things you love!

Invest in your family’s health and wellbeing today!

What I will learn?

  • Optimal Human Nutrition
  • How To Reverse Disease With Diet
  • How To Save Money And Eat Well
  • Mindfulness And Food Perceptions
  • Macronutrients
  • Foods To Avoid
  • Food Acidity

Course Curriculum

The Keys To Your Relationship With Food
We explore mindfulness, its benefits, and the interesting connection that it has to food and eating. We also discuss our perceptions of food and the proper attitude to take towards food.

  • Food Stress
  • Mindfulness
  • Food Relationship Assessment
  • Mindfulness and Eating
  • Mindfulness Activity
  • Food Relationship Conclusion

The Secrets Of Macronutrients
We discuss the ins and outs of each macronutrient. We also discuss what the proper ratio ACTUALLY is in order to promote long term health and reverse symptoms of disease. We also discuss enzymes and the role they play in our diet.

Foods To Avoid
We discuss several different types of food that we often think are not harmful but certainly don’t lead to long term health. You will learn what foods you should avoid, and, most importantly, why.

Foods To Supercharge Your Life
In this section, you will learn which foods that will change your life according to research. We will be covering foods such as: grains, legumes, bananas, berries, broccoli, greens, and more!

Debunking Common Health Myths
In this section, we will discuss some additional health myths and arm you with the knowledge to combat them.

Important But Overlooked Food Principles
In this section, we will discuss important aspects of healthy eating that usually don’t get much attention.

Best Practices And Applications
In this section, we briefly discuss some other important topics related to health outside of diet. We also talk about how some ideas of how to apply all of these principles in various situations you may encounter in your daily life.

Ratings & Reviews

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2 Ratings
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4 months ago
I loved the "why's" being answered. So informative!
6 months ago
The information presented is easy to understand and answered so many of my questions. Even my husband was convinced to give it a try when he was adamantly opposed to a plant based diet. I am excited to try the whole food plant based way of eating and get my family healthy and strong.
Enrollment validity: Lifetime

Material Includes

  • Transition To Health Cookbook

Target Audience

  • Everyone!

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