A Powerful Herbal Formula That Promotes Cleansing, Detoxification, And Supports Immune Function

Ideal For

  • Parasites
  • Colds and Flus
  • Immune Boosting
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Foreign Protein Detox

HMCTN Glycerin Extract

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Information and Suggested Use

Cold and flu season can seem never-ending these days, but this formula has you covered. It contains an exclusive blend of herbs that help to fight off viruses, keeping your immune system healthy and strong. This formula will help support your body’s natural immune and detoxification responses to help you get through all kinds of illnesses.

HMCTN is a formula created by Jordan Gundersen when he “caught the bug” and was running out of herbs to try to get better. You can read about his experience here.

The herbs in this formula have historically been used to support the elimination of parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and to support the lungs in the body.

Ingredients: Organic Wormwood, Organic Black Walnut, Organic Cloves, Wildcrafted Chaparral, Organic Burdock, Wildcrafted Lobelia, and Organic Barberry root.

Instructions: Take 1/2 – 1 tsp 3x per day. 

Only Natural Ingredients
Gluten Free


I work with 1st graders and I used to be sick all the time. Now that I have found HMCTN when I feel something coming on I take a bunch before bed and wake up feeling fine. It has saved me countless times!! And now a bunch of my teachers friends swear by it too!

Tammy H.

We started taking HMCTN to help curb cold, flu and (potentially) COVID symptoms. We feel that this helped us recover quicker and more effectively than store bought OTC medicines have in the past. This has been proven to us multiple times over the past year that we’ve been taking this supplement. Even while pregnant, my wife was able to get rid of a sore throat and cold symptoms in a matter of three days, which is tremendous considering she’s sick for a week or more when she gets colds while pregnant.

I also have Celiac’s Disease, and I took HMCTN when I was recently exposed to gluten to help tone down the inflammation that occurs naturally from my body’s response to kill gluten. My symptoms in particular were more intense this time, but HMCTN helped me recover and get back to normal quicker! The brain fog, sluggishness, malaise and general fatigue/exhaustion would typically subside within one to two weeks… but with HMCTN I was feeling much better within three days, and within a week I felt back to normal.

We’re glad to have this product available to us! Thank you! We hope that this product is as useful to everyone else as it was useful to us.

John W.

My experience with HMCTN has been amazing.
I had been experiencing cold like symptoms, body aches, and sinusitis.

I chose to start with one capsule to ensure I wasn’t allergic to any herbs.

The moment I put the HMCTN on my tongue my stiff neck lessened and I was able to turn my head without any discomfort, and my sinuses started to clear. I know that sounds unreal, but it really happened, I had to sit for a moment to make sure I wasn’t imagining what I experienced.

Later in the day I started taking 2 capsule as instructed on the bottle. The next day I noticed my energy level was back to normal, and my other symptoms had much improved. No body aches, or headaches, sinus pressure gone. I definitely recommend this product for healing!

Anytime I start feeling symptoms of any kind I immediately start the HMCTN.

I also have experienced great results with the Crisis Nutrition, and Bless My Immune System.

Thank you for your Herbal knowledge and sharing your products.

Becky O.

I no longer have a cough and I don’t need to use inhalers or steroid’s anymore.
I’ve been on that stuff ever since I had that Covid vaccination!

Sue C.

Super helpful for my baby that can’t take the capsules.

Daniele C.

This is like a miracle herb blend!
When we got covid in 2021, we started taking this the first day, and we were completely better in just 3 days.

Since then, any time we feel any kind of illness coming on we start taking it, and within a day, the symptoms lessen and go away! And we’re very new to using herbs for medicinal purposes, so it has really been a huge eye opener for how effective they truly are!

I have told literally everyone in my family and friend circle about it. It is amazing!!

Amanda W.

I take it daily! Love it

Mary M.

I started taking HMCTN tablets after having covid. I had a lingering cough for about a month that I just couldn’t kick. I started feeling the cough going away after the 2nd day of taking HMCTN. I went from coughing all day to after 7 days of taking it my cough is gone. I would highly recommend taking HMCTN!

Lisa C.

My teenage daughter starting feeling flu-like symptoms two days before her state swim meet that she had worked to hard to prepare for. She took 3 capsules of HMCTN twice a day for those two days and she felt great the day of the meet!

Amy H.

Helps shorten our sick time every time.

Tina R.

After my kids were sick off and on for two months, I got some HMCTN. Three days later, all my kids were healthy!! This literally was a godsend. I also got some Crisis Nutrition herbal blend especially for my 3 year old who got so sick and was having issues having energy to even walk. After two doses of the Crisis Nutrition, he walked 4 blocks!! I was so happy with the amazing improvement all around that I wanted to cry from relief!! I’m so grateful for all this!

Tessa C.

Best go to supplement out there to help with anything cold or flu that might be coming on or after the fact. Helps your body feel like it can fight whatever is happening.

Allyson G.

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