HMCTN 8oz Bulk Powder

Cold and flu season can seem never-ending these days, but this formula has you covered. It contains an exclusive blend of herbs that help to fight off viruses, keeping your immune system healthy and strong. This formula will help support your body’s natural immune and detoxification responses to help you get through all kinds of illnesses.

HMCTN is a formula created by Jordan Gundersen when he “caught the bug” and was running out of herbs to try to get better. You can read about his experience here.

The herbs in this formula have historically been used to support the elimination of parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and to support the lungs in the body.

Ingredients: Organic Wormwood, Organic Black Walnut, Organic Cloves, Wildcrafted Chaparral, Organic Burdock, Wildcrafted Lobelia, and Organic Barberry root.

Instructions: Take 1/2 – 1 tsp 3x per day.

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My daughter is not able to take capsules. I bought this bulk powder to help her heal from COVID. This herbal powder enabled her to heal from the illness quickly and prevented her from suffering any secondary infection. She healed within 3-5 days after taking this herbal powder.

Susan B.

Many of my family members and friends had been very sick with COVID (for at least a week)and then still fatigued, for weeks after. My experience with COVID and using HMCTN was a very different experience from theirs. I started on the HMCTN the day I started in with symptoms and was diligent about taking the recommended dosage. My first day of illness from COVID was difficult, by the 2nd day my symptoms had improved significantly. and by the 4th day I had no symptoms and no residual effects. With such a great result from HMCTN, I encouraged many of my family members and friends to also give it a try. Some of my friends and family had been trying to recover from illness for a couple of weeks and some were just exhibiting symptoms. All had improvement and those who started with the HMCTN early in the illness, recovered rapidly. I am so grateful to have had a healthy option w/out side effects that I could confidently recommend to my friends and family.

Camille H.

Good smell but bad taste. I am going to be prepared this time. Had Omnicrom for a month before I saw the article on using these herbs. I found all of the anti parasite herbs I had and used some of them. Much improved in 2 days. Thank you for sharing.

Linda C.

At the end of 2021, I came across this formula after reading Jordan’s testimony with Covid, through herbal legacy. Wow. I read the links of research he posted and believed. I bought a bag and capsuled my own. I used it once and did not seem to notice much difference in the sickness but, I may have already been on mend I don’t remember time frame. But the other day, got sick, started to lose my taste Again, n thought of my capsules, with Jordan’s powder. I took 5 capsules 5 times yesterday and WOW I feel a difference now!! Even after a year of owning this formula! I feel almost whole, thanks be to Jesus, my husband also prayed for me in Jesus name, but thanks to Jordan’s research, testimony and formula I will be going to work today feeling almost 100%! Praise God for knowledge and application, God bless you all for your awesome love for people!!

Rachel M.

HMCTN powder not only helped me and some of my family members recover from a stubborn virus last year, it has also helped us avoid getting viruses ever since. We love this stuff!

Tawna R.

My husband had been sick for 14 days with fever, chills, vomiting, headache, fatigue, and he was not able to taste or smell. On the 14th day of being sick he received these capsules and my husband took them that evening. The next morning when he woke up, his headache was gone and he began healing. He finished taking all the capsules as recommended and he made a full recovery.

Janelle D.

We had a fast onset of fever, chills, intense pressure/sinus headaches, and backache. With these herbs, we were able to heal and feel much better within a couple of days. This was much faster (even weeks faster!), than our neighbors who were experiencing the same symptoms.

Erica R.

Someone referred me to Ivermectin several weeks ago. I ordered some and began taking it. A week or so later someone referred me to HMCTN. I felt that it would be more beneficial to take that rather than the horse paste, so I ordered some. It arrived within the week and I switched over. After taking the HMCTN for a week I have noticed that I am not tired. I don’t need a drink to wake me up in the morning and I feel more energetic. I have lost a few pounds and my head feels more clear. My desire to eat healthier has increased as well. Overall, I feel great, and I am referring this product to everyone. I know that the Ivermectin helped, but I believe the HMCTN helps clean out the body as it kills the parasites. Thank you for your product.

Pamela J.

My son started to have sign of respiratory infection the day after I received the HMCTN powder so I tested the product by giving him 1/2 tsp. I checked on him few hours later and he was perfectly well! So glad I found out about this product, I will definitely purchase more when I ran out. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful herbal formula!!


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