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Curing Crohn’s is a book written by Cassidy Gundersen about her struggle with IBD and food addiction and how she found healing through food.


Curing Crohn’s is a story about my quest to heal from a number of diseases including Crohn’s disease, food addiction, and a number of other serious illnesses. I lived a fake lifestyle and lived on fake foods. Because of these things, I became seriously ill at a very young age. My health declined year after year until one day, the doctors told me that I would probably die young based on the list of growing health problems. I could barely make it out of bed each day, and the pains were often unbearable.

That was when I decided to take my health into my own hands and find a way to get better. I dedicated myself to the world of nutrition and found healing from not only Crohn’s disease, but all the other health problems I had. In this book, I explain my story, lay out the plan I created, and show how you can take control of your own health as well.


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