Bless My Heart Glycerin Extract

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Bless My Kidneys is a special blend of herbs designed to help detox, support, and protect the kidneys.


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Bless My Heart is a simple blend of hawthorn berry and ginkgo to support the heart and blood circulation.

The heart is the main engine of the body. The Creator designed the heart to function much longer (provided the proper nutrition) than it currently does, on average. Hawthorn berries are a special food for the heart that provides necessary anti-oxidants and nutrients to help the heart perform its vital functions.

When using Bless My Heart, it is suggested to repeat the words, “Bless My Heart” each time as a form of prayer so that the words we speak can manifest into reality and bring blessings to us (Proverbs 18:21).

It is not suggested to use Bless My Heart if you are on any medications for high blood pressure or blood thinners.

Ingredients: Hawthorn berry, Ginkgo leaf, distilled water, vegetable glycerin.

Instructions: Take 10-15 drops 3x per day.

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